"Try to use a planner whose self-interest is aligned exlusively with your own ...
Consumer Reports continues to believe that fee-only planners remain your best option."

The Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards recommends a six-step process for providing financial planning advice to clients. Versailles Financial, LLC follows the Board’s standards by implementing the following steps in a series of client-planner meetings:

Introductory Meeting

During this free initial consultation, we will determine if Versailles Financial, LLC can provide the services required to meet your financial planning needs. We will discuss the financial planning process and our Fee-Only method of compensation.

Data Gathering Meeting

At this meeting we will clarify your information, help you set priorities and put things into perspective, and begin the analysis of your current situation.

Current Situation Meeting

At this meeting we will review your: goals and objectives, financial balance sheet, cash flow projections, retirement assumptions, tax situation, current insurance coverage, the status of existing estate plans, and any other related issues.

Recommendations/Alternatives/Education Meetings

At this point in the planning process, the planner will begin to provide you with recommendations and alternatives. These recommendations are made in light of your entire financial “snapshot”, taking into account such critical areas as: Tax Planning, Risk Management, Cash Management, Estate Planning, Retirement Planning, Employee Benefits, Investments and Asset Allocation, Education Planning

Delivery of the Financial Plan

The completed plan will be delivered to your home for your review. We will then schedule a meeting to review all of the recommendations found within the plan document.

Comprehensive Financial Plan Review Meeting

At this meeting, the planner will review the financial plan and discuss how you should proceed with the implementation of the plan recommendations. The plan's goals, objectives, and strategies must be monitored and adjusted as the situations of your life change.