"Try to use a planner whose self-interest is aligned exlusively with your own ...
Consumer Reports continues to believe that fee-only planners remain your best option."

About Us

Don Whalen is the founder of Versailles Financial. A wealth advisor and CFO to his clients, Don works as a fiduciary, putting his clients’ interests ahead of any consideration for personal compensation. Don’s goal is to simplify his clients’ lives and give them more confidence about their financial future. This requires getting to know his clients, their goals, their fears, and the needs of their loved ones.

In 2007, Don co-founded PreciseFP, a software tool used by thousands of advisors around the world. PreciseFP allows financial advisors to better serve the interests of their clients by making the exchange of important client profile data easier and more efficient. Don not only uses PreciseFP with his own clients, but he also helps countless other advisors implement this technology in their firms. Don enjoys speaking at industry events around the world on the use of this important tool.

Don is originally from Toronto, Canada and currently lives in Atlanta, GA. He holds a Bachelor of Commerce, Information Technology from Concordia University in Canada and L’Université de Toulouse in France. He is an avid hockey player and coach, and with his wife, enjoys raising their three children in a bilingual setting where French and English are spoken.